Social Work


Mawlana Nizami has gained a good reputation of a selfless social worker. He contributed to the establishment and development of countless educational institutes, religious and cultural centers and Mosques across the country. In his constituency of Shanthia-Bera alone, he establishes more than 100 mosques. He played an important role in establishment of the rights of the students of Madrasah, and religious institutions. Because of his efforts, in 2002, the then coalition government recognized such neglected degrees of Madrasah Education Board like Fadil as equivalent to its conventional counterpart B.A and Kamil as equivalent to its conventional MA degrees. He is also actively involved in numerous socio-educational and research organizations. As a Member of Parliament he untiringly worked for the socio-economical advancement of general masses especially for the people of his constituency. During his tenures the infrastructural development of the most undeveloped and neglected region Santhia-Bera was built up in the real sense of the term. Countless roads, highways, schools, colleges, Madrasahs, mosques etc. were set up, developed and repaired.



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