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Mawlana Nizami was elected as Member of the National Parliament from his birth place Santhia-Bera constituency of Pabna, Bangladesh Constituency No. 69, in the parliamentary election held in 1991. He played a vital role as Jamaat's Parliamentary Party leader in the fifth ‘Jatiya Sangsad’ (National Assembly) from 1991 till 28th December, 1994. During his tenure as a Member of Parliament he played important role as a member of following parliamentary committees:

· Business Advisory Committee

· Privilege Committee

· Petition Committee

· Home Affairs Ministry Committee

By virtue of his popular dynamic leadership quality and significant development works, he was elected again as the Member of Parliament for the second time from the same constituency in the October 2001 election. This time again he acted as the Jamaat's Parliamentary Party Leader and Member of following committees:

· Business Advisory Committee

· Parliamentary Standing Committee on Ministry of Industries

He was also involved in following national committees:

· Chairman, National Productivity Council

· Chairman, Council of the Bangladesh Standard and Testing Institute (BSTI),

· Convener, Executive Committee of the National Coouncil for Industrial Development, Convener, Bangladesh Food Fortification Alliance,

· Vice-Chairman, National Council for Industrial Development,

· Member, National Economic Council,

· Member, Executive Committee on National Economic Council,

· Member, National Training Council,

· Member, National Women Development Council,

· Member, Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs,

· Member, Cabinet Committee on Public Purchase,

· Member, Cabinet Committee on Women Rights,

· Member, Cabinet Committee on Review of Madrasah Education,

· Member, Cabinet Committee on setting up of Industries in Adamjee Jute Mills Area,

· Member, Bangladesh Sugarcane Research Institute.



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