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Mawlana Nizami started his career as a research fellow at Islamic Research Academy in Dhaka in 1971. Before starting a career of full time Da’yee (Islamic Preacher), he was also involved in journalism and translation works for a few years. Mawlana Nizami joined Jamaat after completion of his student life. He served as the Ameer of Dhaka City Unit as well as a member of Central Executive Committee from 1978 to 1982. He also served as Assistant Secretary General of Jamaat from 1983 to December 1988. In December 1988 he became the Secretary General of the organization. Prior to his election as the Ameer of Jamaat, he held the position of Secretary General till 2000.

National Politics: He is a staunch advocate for democracy. In the past he actively participated in all political and democratic movements which included anti-Ayub Movement in the sixties, mass movement of 1969 and mass movement against autocratic government in 1990 and movement for holding election under Caretaker Government from 1994 to 1996. He is still playing significant roles for strengthening the democratic process in the country.



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