Nizami in International Arena


Moulana Nizami have been able to place himself as an important figure in the international arena with his attractive personality. He traveled about 24 countries in the world being invited by different international organizations, Islamic institutions and also for state affairs. During these travels he met with many international leaders and Islamic personalities. He traveled Great Britain, America, France, Greece, Germany, Canada, Italy, Saudi-Arabia, Arab-Emirates, Qatar, Oman, Bahrain, Kuwait Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, Pakistan, Thailand, Nepal and others. He has been working for the welfare of the people of the country as well as of the world simultaneously with many other international leaders. His thoughts for the upheaval of the muslim world from this pitiable condition is really pragmatic.

Nizami's Role on Babri Mosque Issue : On 6 December 1992, a few Hindu zealots demolished the 500 years old muslim heritage Babri mosque at Auyuddha in India. The muslim community around the world burst into a rage in protest of this demolition. On behalf of the Islam loving people of Bangladesh, Moulana Nizami tabled a proposal in the then parliament to discuss this issue. At first the government party and the opposition were not willing to discuss it in the parliament. At last the proposal was accepted due to pressure of JI. Moulana Nizaami gave a historical speech denouncing the demolition. Obviously it was the echo of 85% muslims of the country. He said that Babri mosque is not merely a mosque. It is a part and parcel of Islamic tradition and history and also a reflection Islamic ideology. So, demolishing Babri mosque is not a normal incident. It should be considered as a threat to Islamic history and ideology and also to human civilization. The whole world has condemned it. The people of Bangladesh has condemned it too. So it is quite natural that this parliament will echo the same sentiment of the people. He asked all concerned quarters to resist the conspiracy against muslim and demanded necessary protections for the Indian muslims. Moulana Nizami termed the demolition of Babri mosque as an exposure of political motif of the orthodox Hindus who believe in All India Hindu Nationalism. It also aimed at nullifying the upcoming SAARC summit. Because the spirit of SAARC is against the aggressive and expansionist mentality of India. India does not want SAARC to be an effective organization. They think it a bar to the implementation of their zionist out look to sit with the small member countries at a table. In his speech, Moulana Nizami uncovered the blue print of Awamileague to grab minority's wealth and conspiracy against muslim nationhood. He also showed a few glowing examples of Awamileage's Indo-affairs.



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