Discussion on Farakka barrage


Farakka barrage is an other burning question to the people of our country. JI has been campaigning in a democratic way on this issue for a long time . In the parliament, 20 law-makers of Jamaat asked the speaker at a time to allow a general discussion on Farakka barrage. At this the speaker allowed the house to have a discussion on it. Moulana Nizami depicted the adverse impacts of Farakka in the parliament and asked the government to raise it in the international forum. He gave some specific data in his speech. He said that 3 Lac acres land are sustaining damage due to irrigation problem caused by this barrage. About 30 Lac acres of land are loosing its moisture and fertility. Another mass of land, specifically 64 lac acres are loosing its productivity due to the increasing saltiness of the soil. We have the right to go to the international court to get this huge loss compensated. He told that America is a much greater country than Mexico. They had one common river Colorado once which was under unilateral dominance of the U S A. But Mexico made America to give a compensation for that loss by going to the International Court. So we all should be united on this point for the sake of our mother land At the same time we should also think of an alternative barrage or dam.



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