Development works in his Own Constituency


In spite of being so much busy in the national and international affairs, Moulana Nizami did not turn a blind eye to the people of his own constituency Shathia-Beda of Pabna district. He is an apple of the eyes of the people of those areas. They have taken him as the greatest leader ever of their area. He is an icon of skill, honesty, cordiality and devotion to work to his people. Even defying natural calamities, he continued his development works. Moulana Nizami believes that a modern and smooth communication system is the pre-requisite to development of any country. That's why, being elected the member of the parliament, he glanced at the infrastructural development of his constituency. During the tenure of the four party alliance government, he metalled 185 km of roads. Almost every street of the pouroshova area got a touch of development in his time. Now Shathia-beda is no more a backward place. A few notable development works that he did are-road from Shalgod Eidgah Maidan to kalichoda Abdul Hamider Badi, road from Bhabanipur to Shalgod Eidgha Math, road from Dakbanglo to Madhpur Bisworoad via Shathia, road from Devipur Tebadia Bazar to Shorgram Primary School, road from Madhpur Biswaroad to Abu Bakr Siddiquer Badi via Dobir Sheikher Badi, road from Nawani Foyezer Badi to Fajlul Haquer Badi, repairing the road from Eidgah Math to Natia badi Biswaroad, bridge of Afra Tomin Sarker Badi, road from Hajratola botgach crossing to Bhulbadia UP office, bridge on Ichhamoti river at Jorgachha road, bridge on Ichhamoti river at Holud ghor to Gopalpul road, brige on Ichhamoti at Shonatola and bridge on Ichhamoti at Bhulbadia to Hatbadia road. Except these, many other roads and streets were repaired in his time. Moulana Nizami's contribution to spread education is absolutely unique. The previous Awamileague government had withdrawn MPO from ten madrasas. Soon after assuming power the four party alliance government reinstated it. Many educational institutions of his constituency got touch of development for his favour. A few of them are Shathia Degree College, Al Hera Academy, Imam Husain Academy, Nakalia Primany School, Naklia Batenia Dakhil Madrasa, Beda Aleem Madrasa, Whuikhali Bangla High School, Shathia Jashomonth Dulia Government Primary School, Vishnu Badia Government Primary School, Khalisha Government Primary School, Pirhati Government Primary School, Alokdia Government Primary School, Chor Pairhati Government Primary School, Nagdemra 1 No. Government Primary School, Shathia Degree College, Boailmari kameel Madrasa, Shathia Pilot Girls High School, Manjur kader Mohila College, Beda Al-Hera Academy, Beda Degree College, Beda Aleem Madrasa, Beda B.B, Pilot High School etc. He really appreciated the exactitude of the axiom that education is the back-bone of a nation. The huge population of the country should be educated properly to turn them into an asset. Not only repairing or setting schools, he took many other steps to encourage the students to study. Among them felicitating and awarding the brilliant students, giving scholarship, giving monetary help among the poor students and distributing scientific materials among the schools are specially noteworthy. Some more other development projects implemented by Moulana Nizooni's direct efforts in his constituency are-constructing and restructuring different mosques, temples and other religious institutions, tree plantation, making and developing health complexes and giving electricity facility to the remote areas. We know that Bangladesh is a country of natural calamities. Flood and cyclone are two of them. Shathia and Beda are not devoid of them. His cordial efforts to save Beda from the erosion of Jamuna was praised by all. The project of preserving the western bank of Jamuna is now going on under Water Development Board of Beda. The estimated cost of this project is 250,00,000Tk. As a result, now the farmers can reap three harvests in a year while a few years ago they could reap only one harvest,. Nizami's kind for the people was exposed most conspicuously in the previous flood. Risking life he watched the condition of the affected people with his own eyes and was moved to see their pity. He distributed relief materials and essential life saving medicines among them. He also distributed hard cash, corrugated tin and other necessary materials so that the affected people can get back to their normal life. All of these philanthropic activities put Moulana Nizami onto the throne of the hearts of his subjects.



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