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Yousuf al Qardawee


The khutba of Yousuf al Qardawee at a mosque at Doha on 9 th March .

And before I conclude my article, I should say something for our brothers in Bangladesh. Those Muslim brothers in a large Muslim country, our brothers in Bangladesh & Pakistan, they are in large countries independent from India to establish Islam. In Pakistan reign the entire country was named as Pak stan. It was West Pakistan & East Pakistan. East Pakistan separated and named itself as Bangladesh. There were a government close to Islam, and there are some far-away from Islam. The Government far-away from Islam to our surprise, they are far-away from its people. The people don’t want any ism other than Islam. The people when separated from India, they separated to establish Islam. But this Awami Government, driving people far away from Islam. From the rules of Islam. From the way of Prophet Muhammad (Sm). From the guidance of Quran. The government wants to driving the people far away from the Siratul Mustaqim, from the way of truth what Allah has guided us to it. And for its existence at a remote place from Arab world. It (the BAL Govt.) want to isolate this nation from Muslim world and want to establish the ism for what Allah sent not any instruction. I’ll tell them, note that the Ummah is not far away from you. They aren’t stranger to you as well. Your are part of the Ummah, and the Ummah with you. You should be pied away from the Ummah. You should not drive these Ummah towards west from Islam. Islam is you life. And it is the life of Ummah. This Ummah doesn’t have any life without this Deen (Islam). Becoming this Ummah far away from Islam, and moving with the secularism which does not recognize the Islamic rules & regulation, its direction, its morals and its codes. We do reject these. They have arrested one of the greatest Islamic scholar Professor Gulam Azam, one the great personalities of the Bangladeshis. He is the person at his 89 and moves with wheel chair. The government arrested him, but he’s in no way at the state of being arrested. He’s moving on wheel chair and living on medicine. The government oppressed on this gentleman. Arrested him illegally. They sent him to the Jail, and treated him without honor. We urge the government of Bangladesh to be afraid of Allah about its responsibility. To be afraid of Allah about the trust of the nation. To be afraid of Allah about this great nation, to be afraid of Allah about Islam. To be afraid of Allah to save this country and its people. We also urge to free up this great personnel Professor Gulam Azam. We know him defending Islam and Muslim Ummah. The government alleged him to be against the separation, in fact everyone was against the separation. Everyone tried both Pakistan to be with each other without separation. These people are people who do not have responsibility, honesty and mind. We urge them to fear Allah about the equality amongst the nation and do justice to this person Professor Gulam Azam. If they want him any trial; they should do justice without injustice & oppression. It’s not that they’ll arrest someone and then kill him. I just want to ask them why they are killing this man. What did he kill? What’s this injustice trial for? I would call my brothers in Bangladesh to consider this matter.

I ask Allah to guide them towards justice and fairness.



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