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Tribunal is not up to the standard Human Rights Watch concerns over Law and Order situation
International Crimes Tribunal is not up to the international standard yet. Though the govt. tried to improve it by amending the rules but the definitions of War Crimes, Crime against Humanity and Mass Murder is not defined properly. In a report on Bangladesh the organization said that, the incidents of killings, disappearances are increasing day by day.
The report says, Awami League govt. totally failed to fulfill its election agendas. Though specific complaints have been filed against RAB for extra judicial Killings, sometimes the Minister herself and the Govt. didn’t even admit the existence of such events, thus the practice of such killings is spreading towards Police in the name of Crossfire.
The reports says, on 21st May of 2011, plain clothed RAB forces abducted human rights defender of AHRC William Gomez and took him to a Headquarters. There he was undressed, cuffed and tortured and beaten up. He was questioned about his human rights activities. The report says, as per Odhikar, 1,600 people have been killed extra judicially. Though Awami League strongly protested this practice as opposition party, they are now silent. Odhikar stats show that in 2011, 12 people were killed in security custody. The trial of BDR mutiny of 2009 was also running in 2011. Reports says that the trial is convicting the accused soldiers randomly, in a judgment given by Court on 27th June, 657 out of 666 were found guilty and punished with imprisonment. Thousands of soldiers are waiting for trial in Military Court where none of them will get a Lawyer, although they have been charged with capital offences. The govt. is not investigating the complaints of tortures. So far, 70 persons died after the trial started.
Govt. is trying to regulate Odhikar, especially Adilur Rahman Khan, its secretary is under watch. Stuffs of this org are being threatened and sanctions of its projects are prolonged. Supporters of Dr. Yunus were attacked after his resignation from Grameen Bank. Sagirur Rashid, the Chief Accountant of Grameen Bank was abducted and severely tortured. Police also threatened the directors of Grameen Bank while searching their rooms.
Govt. has amended the ICT Act to ensure justice and fair trial, still the International Crimes Tribunal is not up to the international standard yet. The definitions of War Crimes, Crime against Humanity and Mass Murder are not defined properly. The defense witnesses, Investigators and lawyers said that, they are been threatened. In 2011, the trial of Delawar Hossain Sayidee was started.
The report says, Govt. paid a little attention to the issue of Chittagong hill tracts.
The report also says that, UK and USA expressed concerns about the trainings of RAB. Both of the countries arranged trainings for RAB, though UK concluded that on 2011. USA recommended for an Investigation Authority to find the violations of Human Rights by RAB.
Bangladesh signed some Security and Trade treaties with India in 2011. Though India promised to stop border killings and such incidents, it failed to execute them.



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